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A Crashcourse to Hiring and Managing Freelancers

By April 23, 2018April 28th, 2018Business

Freelancers around the world are getting more & more into the professional services scene. The term “freelance” itself has been disassociated from the negative connotations it had just a decade ago. We now see more people using the term to describe their profession, especially within the millennial generation who seek freedom and independence from the big corporate machine.

But hiring and managing freelancers can prove to be a difficult task. Even identifying a good freelancer can be a challenge in itself. This short infographic will help you get started with hiring, managing, and maintaining a team of freelancers successfully.

Some numbers:

There are more than 57 million people freelancing around the world.

47% of millennial workers freelance. Freelancers are predicted to become the U.S. workforce majority within a decade with nearly half millennial workers already freelancing.

Upwork is currently the biggest freelance services platform that connects more than 3.6 million businesses with more than 9 million freelancers.

Top 3 industries for freelancers are Computer & IT, Administrative, Accounting & finances.

Hiring freelancers:

  • Be on the lookout for freelancers with relevant experience. It’s more efficient to hire freelancers who are specialized in one niche, that way you know they’ll be performing within their field of expertise.
  • Make sure they have splendid communication skills and grasp of the language. The last thing you want to sacrifice when working on a sensitive project is communication.
  • Be upfront with your budget. Make it clear how much you’re willing to spend on a project.
  • Know the scope of the project and share it with them. Tell them exactly what’s expected of them when it comes to deliverables.
  • Look for past positive feedback and testimonials from other clients that had similar requirements as you.
  • Always hire self-motivated individuals. If you’re an entrepreneur that works hard to build their business, the last thing you want is to deal with a lazy freelancer who is not excited to work on your project.

Managing freelancers:

  • Develop a communication & collaboration strategy. Take advantage of tools like InVision, Trello, Slack, Skype, and Loom.
  • Be clear about workload & expectations. Set expectations early and define how much work needs to be done.
  • Implement tracking systems. Use time-tracking software if you pay them per hour. But don’t micromanage. Leave them room to get creative.
  • Pay them well. Pay them the market rate; if you value their work pay them more.
  • Involve them in big picture goals. Define a team purpose so everyone can unite around a common goal.

Do you have experience working with freelancers? What were the challenges you encountered? Tell us your story in the comments!

Here’s the article in form of an infographic, make sure to share it with your fellow entrepreneurs!

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Hamza Abdelhak

Founder/Creative Director at Nebular Lab
Founder of Nebular Lab and creative director, helps brands elevate their message through captivating visual story-telling using infographics.
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