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14 Visual Content Marketing Statistics Every Marketer Should Know

By April 16, 2018April 28th, 2018Content Marketing
Visual Content Marketing Statistics Every Marketer Should Know

If there was a football team named ‘Educate your audience’ then visual content marketing would be the quarterback. That sports analogy there is why I’m not a writer.

Let’s stick to things I know. Here are some visual content marketing statistics that will help you understand how important visual content marketing is.

Power of images:

The average human being only remembers 10% of what they hear after three days. Our minds are poor at recalling what we hear, but when it comes to visuals, 65% can still recall images they’ve seen even after three days.

People understand visual instructions 323% more than instructions that are in text format. Visual IQ is also the fastest rising type of IQ, contributing more than any other type of IQ to overall intelligence.

First impressions:

The first impression is essential to catching audience’s attention. It is reported that people form a first impression in just 50 milliseconds. There’s no other way to form a better first impression than using an image that captures interest and provides a bounty of value at first sight.


42% of marketers mention that infographics have a great influence on their audiences. Complex messages can be broken down by an infographic into simple chunks that will be understood by your everyday person.

Social media:

When posting on social media, simply using text or audio is not enough to engage your followers. You can gain an 87% improvement in engagement when relevant images accompany the posts that you put on social media.

Marketers who dominate the space on Twitter make sure to include images in their tweets as much as possible. 74% of social media marketers make use of images to stimulate their audiences and drive more sales.

Tweets that include images had 18% more clicks, 89% more, and 150% more retweets. Infographics are the most shared posts on social media and on average they are shared three times more than any other type of posts. (Source)

Image vs. Text:

Posts that include images have 650% higher engagement than posts that only have text. More and more people are embracing the use of images in their posts, because of the high level of engagement it brings.

It is estimated that by 2019 a whopping 85% of online communication will all be visual.

Video content:

Video content is on the rise with an expected 85% of internet traffic to be video content by the year 2019. Facebook and Snapchat have more than 18 billion daily views of videos, which just goes to show that more and more people are appreciating video content.

Impact on B2B:

51% of writers who write B2B content put visual content as their highest priority. They use better visual content as a primary strategy to get more engagement, and it has worked for them.

As you can notice, it’s obvious that visual content marketing holds a profound impact on audiences. If you want to compete, you should definitely start including more content that is visual and interactive in your marketing strategy.

And in the spirit of “practice what you preach”, here’s an infographic that sums up this article in a nice, visually compelling format.

14 visual content marketing statistics


Want an infographic like this one? Talk to us!

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Hamza Abdelhak

Founder/Creative Director at Nebular Lab
Founder of Nebular Lab and creative director, helps brands elevate their message through captivating visual story-telling using infographics.
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