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10 Reasons Why Every Content Marketer Should Use Infographics

By April 30, 2018May 1st, 2018Content Marketing
10 reasons why every content marketer should use infographics

Content marketers are on a mission day in and day out, to boost engagement with prospects and increase traffic to their business websites. With plenty of tricks up their sleeves, the one that has proven to show superiority over others is the usage of infographics.

In the current digital landscape, posts that include an image generate 650% greater engagement than regular text posts. That’s the primary reason marketers have started converting their text-based content into infographics.

Even though infographics also have text written on them, the colors, images, and graphs that are included in this piece of content are what makes it so eye catchy. If your business still hasn’t started using infographics to market your products, services, and brand, here are ten reasons that’ll encourage you to do so.

1. Infographics are the Perfect Attraction

infographics 1Humans mostly rely on getting information through visual elements. It saves them the time and effort to enjoy a piece of content within seconds. Have you ever thought of the reason why we wear colorful clothing and not merely black and white? Humans have the power to see the difference between colors. If people stopped wearing clothes of different colors, most people might not even notice a familiar face passing by as they were unable to be attracted.

The same concept can be used for the plain old traditional method of using text to promote goods and services. Prospects don’t waste time reading through long posts and blogs just to buy one simple product anymore. They want an infographic that displays all features and details in a creative and easy to read manner.
The combination of well-written text and images make up the perfect infographic that can easily attract your target audience.

2. Brand Awareness Boosters

infographics 2A common trend that many businesses follow while making infographics is to add their company logo, address, website and other contact details in the final piece. Wondering how that helps? To be precise, if your infographic is informative, viewers will see your company credentials and try to either reach out to you by opening your website or calling you up if your number is provided. Informative infographics can increase your traffic by at least 12%.

3. Infographics can Make Your Content Go Viral

infographics 3Infographics are 3x more probable of being liked and shared on social media platforms than any other type of content. Hence, if you have the ability to create a high-quality infographic that’ll catch the eyes of your target audience, then they will most probably share and like it on various networks.

Social media platforms are considered the most crowded, regarding active audience, especially Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. With the help of social media engagement, your post reach will touch new levels. As more people share and like your posts, it will appear in their activities and show up to their friends and followers.

4. Infographics Improve Your SEO Marketing Campaign

infographics 4Any website available on the internet can use viral infographics. However, since it’s yours and you are the only one who has rights to it, websites have to provide a link back to your site as the source of the image. This procedure creates several backlinks for your site which can be a great way to increase traffic.

Google and other major search engines rank those web pages better that have more backlinks. Eventually, you will experience a rise in your rank on SERPs within no time.

5. More Subscribers and Followers

infographic 5As soon as you post a new picture on social media, you find out how responsive it is to likes and comments. Exciting pictures get more likes, shares, and comments. This can be a great way to increase your subscribers and followers.

With informative infographics, your target audience can’t resist showing it to their friends, and the chain goes on!

6. An Easier Way to Convey Relevant Information

infographics 6With the internet flooded with new and old information, people are now looking for short and relevant content that they can easily understand. 67% of consumers consider clear and detailed images over other forms of content while looking up a product. Therefore, focus on converting your long texts into small and creative infographics for more conversions.

7. Easy to Track

infographic 7With the help of an embed code, you can easily track your infographic every time someone clicks or shares it. Tracking can help you analyze which segment of the population is showing more interest. Additionally, this data can be utilized to promote your infographics via paid ads targeting the right audience that is more likely to respond.

8. Positions You as an Expert

infographic 8Usually, infographics are filled with stats, graphs, and charts that signify some sort of data. Viewers highly appreciate images that showcase useful statistical data they can utilize while preparing projects or other kinds of content. This method also creates a picture of you being an expert on the subject in the minds of viewers.

9. Images are Memorable

infographics-9People have a better chance of remembering material or content that is in visual form. If you notice how viral bloggers stuff their articles with many images, you’ll realize that it’s a technique to maintain the reader’s interest. Readers also remember such blogs by the pictures that are displayed most of the time. Stats show that 80% of what you see is retainable.

10. Visual Content Eliminates Language Barriers

infographic 10You can use infographics globally without any risk of language barriers getting in the way. Anyone who can basically see it can quickly read images that are filled with numbers, stats, and corresponding icons or illustrations. Therefore, this form of content is inherently easily readable.

Every successful content marketer today is using infographics to bring in business. You can also enhance your reach and increase your chances of generating high-quality leads with visual content. Start using this form of content and become globally recognized through both social media platforms and major search engines.

If you want us to help you create some cool infographics, reach out and let’s chat!

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Hamza Abdelhak

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Founder of Nebular Lab and creative director, helps brands elevate their message through captivating visual story-telling using infographics.
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